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Winter Stuff
Q: Who do I call about my unplowed street?
A: ALL roads in Audubon are plowed by the Town of Amherst. So, if you have an issue, call them at 631-7117. As for your driveway, you can shovel it, use a snowblower (but don’t dump it all on your neighbor’s driveway) or contract with a plow guy to get rid of that white stuff.

Q: Can I skate on Walton Pond?
A: In winter, as much as you’d like to skate on Walton Pond, it’s not meant for that. That ice is spotty at best and you’re likely to fall in. Don’t skate on the pond; thanks. 

Q: Can I sled on the hill near Walton Pond? 
A: If you sled on the hill behind/near the Walton Pond Center your sled could go off course and you end up in the pond. Do you know how cold that water gets in the winter? Do you want to drown? If you’re going to sled, find somewhere else away from ponds, ditches, fences and water.

Q: Can I kill geese?
A: No, it's a federal offense. 

Q: Can I feed the wild animals?
A: No, it's not good for them. 

Q: If I take my dog for a walk around Audubon does it need to be leashed?
A: Yes, it's a Town of Amherst law. Also, if it poops, please clean up after it.