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Welcome to AUDUBON 
Audubon is a woodsy residential community nestled among trees, ponds and walking paths in Amherst, NY. Located near the University at Buffalo’s suburban campus, Audubon features “shed style” architecture-- a rarity in the Northeast, but fairly common in the Pacific Northwest. The “shed style” includes homes with vertical stained wood slats and odd angles. 

Audubon is a multi-cultural enclave. From college students to senior citizens, Audubon’s population is diverse. There are many single family homes in Audubon, as well as senior housing complexes and apartment buildings. 

Some 3,000 people call Audubon home, and when homes go on the market here they sell quickly. The school district is top-notch, the community is well-maintained and safe, and Audubon is ideally located near all sorts of amenities, including restaurants, grocery stores and entertainment options. 
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Leaf Pickup Facts

Here are a few commonly asked questions about the Town’s Leaf Pickup Program.

Question 1: Can I rake leaves into the street?
● Answer: No. It’s unsafe and illegal. Leaves plugs the receivers during rain events and it causes vehicles to swerve into traffic unexpectedly causing an unsafe condition. They are also hard to pick up after they are driven over repeatedly, which slows down the leaf collection process.

Question 2: How many times do you go through the town?
● Answer: Leaf pickup will begin in late October as crews become available to switch to leaf pick up duties. We will do our due diligence to pick up large piles of leaves before our official November 1st start date. Leaf pickup will continue until all the leaves are picked up or until snow prevents us from doing so. We also keep a log of what streets we complete and on what date.

Question 3: Why can’t you schedule leaf pickup?
● Answer: Our town has over 1100 streets within 53 square miles. Leaves also fall at different times throughout the Town. We put our resources where they are needed most, and move throughout the Town as fast as we can.

Question 4: How much of the Highway resources are put into leaf pickup?
● Answer: During leaf season it’s “all hands on deck”. We have 5 leaf districts. Each district is staffed with people and equipment each day of the season. Other jobs have to be put off until the leaves are picked up. Because of the Buffalo weather we try to have all the leaves picked up before the first snowfall.

Question 5: Should I call the Highway to get my leaves picked up?
● Answer: Generally no. If you think you were missed, or if it has been more than 2 weeks between a pickup then call. Please remember we do sometimes have weather emergencies or equipment breakdowns that might delay pick up, however, our goal is to get all the leaves picked up by November 30th.

One last comment: Leaves that are put in yard waste recyclable bags or yard waste
containers will be picked up weekly by Modern Disposal on your regular Refuse Day until
November 30th. The one exception is Thanksgiving Day when the pickup is one day later.
We encourage residents to put out leaves at their earliest convenience. As stated previously
we will continue to pick up leaves until they are all gone or the snow prevents us from doing

We hope to provide tentative schedules for daily road maintenance, spring cleanup and
other time sensitive information. You can find new information on the Town of Amherst’s
Track Us portal and on the Highway Department’s Facebook and Twitter
(@amhersthighway1) accounts.

Potholes- See a pothole in Audubon that needs filling? Email the location to

Garage Sale Days- If you're thinking of having a garage sale in 2019 in Audubon, please email with your name, street number address, email address and phone number. Put "garage sales" as your subject line. We'll start an email list of who's interested and then coordinate garage sale days for sometime in May or June 2019. Note: We had community-wide garage sale days on June 22/23, 2018. 

Community Notes