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Basic Info

Want to join the board of directors?

Please submit the Nomination Application to the Audubon office.

Want to make a change to the exterior of your home in Audubon?

Painting, windows, sheds, decks, garage door replacement, tree removal or any question on color changes to the exterior of your house must follow the Architectural Guidelines and be approved by the Audubon Architectural Standards Committee. Please fill out the Architectural Change Form (a printed version is also available at the Audubon office).

Got ash borer beetle infested Ash trees/diseased Austrian Pine trees?

Draw on a copy of your property survey, indicating the location of the infected tree(s), marking each. Submit this along with the first page of the Architectural Change Form to the Audubon office. The office will then have an ASC member verify the diseased tree(s) and once approved, the office will send a letter to the homeowner indicating they may remove it. If your dead tree is 25 ft. from the middle of the road in front of your home, the Town of Amherst is responsible to remove that tree. If you live on Robin or Little Robin Road, it is 35 ft. If you live on Sylvan Parkway, it is 50 ft.

Plan to dig in your yard?

You need to call 811 at least 3 days beforehand; a professional will come conduct a FREE site survey and mark any underground lines on your property so you'll know where utility lines are buried and, thus, won't hit them and cause problems.

When is trash day?

Put your totes out Sunday night after 6pm. They'll get emptied by Modern Disposal Services (1-800-330-7107) on Mondays. The totes should be removed from the curb after pick-up by Monday night and placed out of public view for the remainder of the week.

Note: Totes should be placed with the wheels toward your house with 2 - 3 feet of space between your totes and other objects on both sides of them. Don't park in front of them and during winter don't put them atop snow banks. Also note: There are a couple holidays where collection ends up being delayed by one day.

Need a replacement recycling or trash tote/need a different size? Call the local Refuse Control Office at 631-7119.

I have a camper or boat. Where can I store it?

Audubon has a paid storage lot for these on Dodge Road. Slots may or may not be available. Call the office for details.

What are HOA fees used for? How do I pay them?

The upkeep, maintenance, and people's use of the pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds and the walking and bike paths.

You can drop payments off in the black dropbox that is locked and hanging under the 700 Robin Rd. sign of the Audubon office. You can also mail payments to: Audubon Association PO Box #620, Getzville NY 14228. All HOA checks should be made out to the Audubon Association.

You can also pay your quarterly assessment online using Rent Manager. Contact the office if you need any access codes to login.

Fees are due June 1, Sept. 1, Dec. 1 and March 1.

I'm selling my Audubon home...

If you have plans to refinance or sell your home, please give the Audubon office at least 7 business days to provide you with the necessary documentation. There’s a lot of paperwork involved with the process. Also, tell your lawyer to “submit the request with reasonable lead time.” They can call the office to request closing documents and notification of the purchaser name and closing date.


Fall/Winter Info

When is fall leaf collection?

Modern Disposal Services will pick up fallen leaves in yard waste recyclable bags or yard waste containers on our regular Refuse Day (Monday). The Highway Department will pick up loose leaves out at the curb during the month of November, but not always on a weekly basis.

You can read more about leaf pickup by visiting the Highway Department's website.

Who do I call about my unplowed street?

All roads in Audubon are plowed by the Town of Amherst. So, if you have an issue, call them at 631-7117.

As for your driveway, you can shovel it, use a snowblower, or contract with a plow guy.

Can I skate on Walton Pond?

No, it’s not meant for that. That ice is spotty at best and you’re likely to fall in.

Can I sled on the hill near Walton Pond?

No, your sled could go off course and you could end up in the pond. If you’re going to sled, find somewhere else away from ponds, ditches, fences and water.

Can I kill geese?

No, it's a federal offense.

Can I feed the wild animals?

No, feeding wildlife can lead to a number of serious problems. You can read more about this from the United States Department of Agriculture.

If I take my dog for a walk around Audubon does it need to be leashed?

Yes, it's a Town of Amherst law. Also, if it poops, please clean up after it.

Pool, Tennis and Community Room

Please read the Pool & Tennis Rules. Additional information is provided below.



The tennis courts are available for use mid-April through September. Tennis Rules are posted at the courts as well as in the Pool & Tennis Rules above.

Four tennis courts are located near Walton Pond Center and one court is located in the Walton Woods area. Access to the courts is by key only. One tennis key is issued per household and must be obtained by an adult member of the household. A $5.00 fee is charged for a key. A replacement fee of $7.00 will be charged for any lost key. Keys may be obtained at the Audubon office.

Need a key to access the tennis courts? Looking to take tennis lessons? Please call the office for tennis info.

Pool availability


The pools opens in late June and closes at the end of August. The pool is generally open 11am-8pm with 12-4pm being the busiest time. The pool closes when lightning is in the sky and/or it's a cold, rainy day. All​ audubon residents ​must​ complete the Pool Registration Form before use of the pool for the season.

When visiting the pool, bring your photo ID (driver's license) with proof of address (or a piece of mail such as a utility bill) to get into the pool--guards will check the roster to make sure you're a resident. You may bring one guest per resident, $3 each additional guest.

There's a nice awning you can sit underneath if you'd like to stay out of the sun. The pool area also has lounge chairs and some umbrella-covered tables. There are no diving boards. There is, usually, one lane for swimming laps for those who like to exercise. There's also a recently renovated kiddie pool.

Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian 15 years or older. A baby-sitter may not accompany more than 2 children in addition to their own.

All people using the pool should shower beforehand using the on-premises showers.

Community Room


The community room is available for rent, please fill out the rental agreement form and return it to the Audubon office by email or in person.

Audubon Office 716-688-1632